Reason to be Using Inbound Call Tracking

Reason to be Using Inbound Call Tracking | Inbound Call Review

No matter what our business ideology is, we can all agree that inbound phone calls are one of the most important aspect if not the only important aspect in a marketing strategy.

There are several studies about why pay per call is a massive opportunity that have been done in the past and all of them show the rise in the number of inbound phone calls, especially for small and medium sized businesses.

This all implements only one thing and that is you should be using inbound call tracking to track your inbound calls and this will prove out to be a crucial part for your marketing strategy.

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Moving on, if an increase in the inbound call volume is not enough reason for you to use an inbound call tracking solution then we have come up with three additional reasons that you should be using call tracking for your marketing strategy and here they are:

Reason No.1: Smartphone Revolution

What confuses many marketers the most is whether or not they should give importance to their phone calls and incorporate some expensive call tracking solution for their help? Previously the only source of communication was through landline phones and so marketers were always curious about what makes their phone ring.

However, now that smartphones have taken over and people prefer texting over calling marketers don’t know if it is worth it or not. But recent studies have shown results that there has been a rise in inbound phone calls after smartphones have become common.

Everyone has a smartphone now and people still prefer a human touch of communication more than anything. So, people have been using mobile phones for purchases. They start from searching their desired option to making phone calls to the business they want to. Click to call button has also proven to be an effective marketing tool in this respect as people directly click this button and get connected with the dealer or business.

Inbound call tracking not only lets you monitor phone calls but it also lets you track the mobile researches that are generating most phone calls. this helps your business in maximizing your marketing campaigns as you will better understand your customer’s journey.

Reason 2: Inbound Phone Calls Are Important

We all know that usually phone call is the last step in a buyer’s journey. They pick up their phone to make a call to your business when they are almost ready to buy. These phone leads have a higher buying intent and they are most likely to convert.

People search for the product or service they want online and after getting the results when they have find the appropriate one for themselves they make a phone call for finally buying. Or often times if they are not calling to buy your product or services, they are calling to get more information regarding it. Which is also very important and it depends on your agent now to facilitate them in such manner that they become a quality lead or convert.

If you are using call tracking for your business you can easily route the calls to the agent that is more experienced and fits the bill. This is a much ensuring way of converting a client. Also using inbound call tracking you can track where your majority quality phone leads are coming from and then you can concentrate more on that channel.

In a marketing strategy most important step is to know what works and what doesn’t. If you know which of your channels convert and which doesn’t you are already ahead of many. You get to choose what you spend in more smartly and all this is possible if you choose to use inbound call tracking.

Reason no. 3: Important Buying is Done Offline

Marketing strategy is not complete until you don’t know what your web visitor is doing once they go offline. If you want an overall result of your ROI (Return on Investment) of all your channels then you definitely need a tool for that and what’s better than call tracking?

Let’s say that you are selling an expensive product or that you are providing a service which is very intricate or hard to explain then first and foremost thing that your customer needs is to build a relationship with you or your business. This is how it’s going to work:

After you have done advertising your product on your website and you have launched your marketing campaigns you will wait for the callers because most of them are going to want to get connected with the business first since they are spending so much of their money, they would want to know if your business is even real and they are going to decide after they talk to your agent or call center that they can trust you and your services or not.

Customers have seen to be spending money much easily after they have built a relationship with you or your business.

So, if you are not tracking your inbound phone calls you would not know that what is making your phone call ring and you would not know your customer better to persuade them to buying your product.

Inbound call tracking is the only way of getting a deeper insight into your phone calls and online or offline channels.