Bing Ads Inbound Call Tracking Starter Guide

Inbound call tracking works on basic principle of analyzing phone calls your business receives which help you work on your marketing campaign.

For Bing Ads, getting to know the perfect and most successful keywords for your local or international business. Call Tracking is not only for call center whereas even a lawyer can use to improve his advertisements online. Inbound call tracking platforms work with keywords, which keywords are successful and then they improve your ads online. They even trace the calls back from the first click which resulted in the customer to be at the page where they needed to be to call you. Bing Ads, Google Ads, Television commercials, social network promotions etc.

How Inbound Call Tracking works?

First of all get a hold on the best software provider in your locality, which will provide you the call tracking software and integrate your website with few lines of codes/algorithms.

Now what these codes do? These codes help your website generate a unique number every single time a customer clicks on your website. These special numbers are tracks which help your software to generate leads if the customer calls your business.

The software will give you an overview of whichever marketing campaign gave you the best results and where you need to invest more and where you need to invest less. Whichever keywords generated more leads; all these are generated by Call Source Attribution.

Marketing with Bing Ads Pay per click Extension

Out of many search engines, Bing is second to Google and generally speaking it is older than Google. Well we all been talking about Google Ads and been overlooking BingAds. Well it is sort of an untouched market as people do still use Bing as their search engines. Basically people who buy company installed laptops actually have Bing as their default search engine. The audience Bing provides you is in general a bit older and have an higher income than Google users. Let’s have an overview of how to market your product on Bing and have good number of conversions.

Search Keywords

Unlike any search engine, Bing also has a demand for smart search keywords. Call tracking helps businesses have a better understanding of keywords which marketers can use to improve effectiveness of their marketing campaign and ads. Everyone wants their ad or their page to be optimized properly to hit the first page of any search engine so like Google you need to be very smart with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you are reluctant about which search keywords to use, say no more as Bing has a great tool prepared for any business.  Bing has developed a keyword planner which will provide you with the best geographical location and best keywords for your business which will help you optimize your business to maximize results in your marketing campaigns.

All You Need is a Dialing Extension

Bing requires a dialing extension or a working number for your business which I am sure your Inbound Call Tracking software provider will be handing over to you. Now you also have a say in where is your number to be displayed in your ads, it is totally up to you.

For smartphones you can select your own click to call number for display to receiving click details. You can also optimize your ads according Skype for tablet or PC users.

For personal computers your ads will position in front of the display. You can select a local number or a toll-free number that can be used. Bing call tracking gives you an insight to campaign analytics that consist of call duration, geographical location and type of the call.

Benefits of Bing Ads for Inbound Call Tracking

Bing ads only display your number so it turns out that they can only give you a call for further details which results in higher conversion rates (CVR), bringing more production to your inbound call service. More calls mean more to your business, more lead generation. Bing ads generate 3-6% more than other click-to-pay systems. Bing ads are compatible with all; smartphones or tablets etc. Search Market Optimize experts can also import marketing campaigns from different forums to Bing Ads.

What’s the Cost?

Whenever your customer clicks on click-to-call, he/she will only pay the standard cost per click for each respective of minutes they keep engaged in.  Whether the customer is using PC, tablet or smartphones the cost is standard for all, irrespective of which URLs they are viewing.

Uploading Data to Bing Ads

Once you have your updated version of call attribution or the .xlsx or .csv file extension, upload these files to your Bing ads account.  Not that you will need to wait at least for about two hours to upload these files if you have just made the account. These files can easily be downloaded from your Call Tracking software given their Call Attribution feature. Once you have completely uploaded all your data on Bing Ads, you can also import your marketing campaigns as well. Once everything is set and done, sit back and relax.

Analyze which sort of marketing campaign is bringing you more business on Bing Ads and which marketing campaigns does your marketing team needs to work on. Keep in mind that the key to success in the digital world is by looking good, so make sure that your ads are properly detailed with information your customer needs to know. They should be provocative enough for the customer to call you for sure. You should research and optimize your marketing campaigns and websites according to the suitable keywords you find.

You can always find help at Bing search center. We have concluded answers to all the questions you must have regarding Call Tracking for Bing.